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Скачать шейдеры на майнкрафт 1.7.10 forge

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Soooo… Now that is out, should probably just stop working on and switch to the latest one. I would like to use my shader mod on my new realm before the next update….so, is there like a go-fund-me or something so we can get this ball rolling? Just saying 😉

GLSL Shaders Mod / (Change Appearance of Minecraft

Hey I’m having some trouble with shaders, I’ve tried multiple different ones but each time I enable my shader in game, or attempt to join a world with them already enabled, my minecraft crashes. I am sure that it isn’t anything to do with my computer not being able to handle them because I’ve used them many times before. Here is my crash log:

Скачать шейдеры Майнкрафт - Minecraft шейдеры ,

So I started updating new version of mod. id_miner also made his updated version of GLSL Shaders mod as well. He post it in his GLSL Shaders OF thread. I am combining his code in my version of shaders mod. He plans to leave development of shaders mod after I include all his added features in my version.
If you like the mod and want to donate to daxnitro, see the link in his thread.

- ShadersMod Installer for Minecraft (updated 7566-55-65) (link)
Download download page
-- Not Compatible with Forge, Optifine
-- More info. Please read before install.

No-one takes anyone seriously if they have to resort to name-calling and pointing out flaws in a person’s comment to make themselves feel better.

OptiFine for also include ShadersMod features. See OptiFine thread.
ShadersMod cannot be used together with OptiFine.

Open your Minecraft launcher and click New Profile. Name it something memorable and then select Forge from the version drop down. Click save.

im having the same issue, ive tried 8 shaders, 9 different texture packs including the default. and grass, glass, wheat and anything else with a transparency map, they just dont load.

There is an incompatibility of the shaders with Optifine & maybe Java that says that Optifine has inside a “shader mod” but I tried to use any shaderpack and MC crashed. On my portable pc works ok MC without problem and the problem that I’m having is on the tower which has Windows 7 (that also I had to figure out how to install again Java V7).

Mais qu'est-ce qu'un shader ? Un shader permet de faire bouger et de voir à travers les feuilles, les herbes, de rendre l'eau beaucoup plus réaliste, de créer des éffets de lumière et d'ombre et bien d'autres choses !