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Скачать чит титаниум для экскалибур крафт

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What I am after is a way to root the phone, remove apps,configure what i need configured and then unroot the phone keeping the changes I have made. Is this not possible yet?

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As is usually the case with these sorts of things, we’ll start off with a disclaimer or two. Most importantly you must realize that these are my opinions and observations, and some of them might be wrong. Please feel free to let me know if you disagree with anything I say. Keep in mind also that I am not saying that rooting your device does not have its benefits, but rather that one must be careful. Now that that is out of the way…

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I found your article very informative and interesting. I was also considering rooting my phone but I didn’t after I read this cause I really didn’t know why I was doing it. So if u root your phone u can customize it completely and making it run faster but you run the risk of ruining ur phone

Sure, most (if not all) modified firmware releases include the Super User application by Koushik Dutta, or a variant of it, but is that enough? Similarly to the user account control message in Windows or other similar programs in other operation systems, this app only tells when an application requests Super User access. It does not (can not?) tell us what the application intends to do with that access.

i have a rooted mytouch 8g running hero rom i love it its ssssooooooooo fast and smooth i followed a coups vids on youtube to do it i have never done this before the videos i watched were very informing check them out thegadgetpro he really knows his stuff

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And take for example another type of app. The kind that may have the best of intentions, but the worst of implementations. Believe it or not, developers do make mistakes. Sometimes a developer chooses to use a protocol that they think is secure but isn’t. Or maybe they choose to use a single sign on for all users, and then leave in the debugging code that prints that sign-on information to the console. Suppose also that this well-meaning application also offers an option to remotely wipe your phone. What happens when someone figures out how to spoof information (they probably already have) and send it to the server and invoke a wipe of your data without you knowing it?

It annoy me big time all the crap ware they stuff in your phone and they go to extremes to not allow you to remove it. guess what it’s my f**king phone, I own it not them, I paid a lot of money for it and still I can’t get rid of all the crapware. The have force many persons like myself into rooting and reinstalling the operating system which is at this time the only way of reclaiming my property and removing the unwanted crapware.

If you are now thinking, “Man, that stuff is scary…” then I am already starting to feel better. It is the user, who recognizes the potential misuse and keeps it in mind when using these applications, that will be better able to protect their device and information.

You should always review a programs requested permissions. Many of the above horrors you list don’t require root access. They just need the right combination of permissions.